Good Bye Little Surf Shack


Good Bye Little Surf Shack

It was a tiny, old shack of a house with too many doors and awkward angles.

But, it had an outdoor shower, surf racks built onto the side fence, a perfect clothes line for towels and wetsuits.

It had a secret passage way leading into a toddlers room stuffed with toys.

It had a long, rolling front lawn perfect for babies and dogs and BBQs.

It was in a perfect location for our little family: on main street with a park, church, library, a pharmacy, a grocery store and a play school all within a one block radius. And Starbucks, frozen yogurt, and Claytons were one block past that. On a little island with an awesome beach.

For Britt, it was the first house for both our babies (even though we lived in Italy in between.)

We will remember this house fondly.

As the saying goes, when one one door closes another opens. The house is being passed on to another little family that will make great use of it. For us, it’s time to drive up north and open up that next door.

Officially relocated to Thousand Oaks to train for the Gold.

Adios Coronado, we’ll be back..

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  1. Hayley Mann says:

    I love this post so much Jesse. It was a perfect first home. A new adventure awaits!

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