San… Fran… Ciscoooo!

San… Fran… Ciscoooo!

Road Snacks

What? Excuse me? You thought your newsfeed was going to be flooded with my awesome blog posts that I pumped out every morning on my new regimented schedule this week? Sorry guys, I forgot to mention that plan doesn’t start until NEXT week. We will be up everyday at 5 AM; Springing into action blogging and organizing the closets (big on our to-do since we moved up) before the troops rise at about 6 and we morph into super heroes aka parents. To summarize this week though, we camped in Ventura last weekend, I played a ton of water polo from Monday to Thursday (and squeezed in a dinner with our awesome host family one night and had a Valentines fiesta another.) Now we have the weekend off which is a very big deal with our current training schedule and thus our whole team is scattering and my fam is on the move again!

Destination SF awaits: Going to connect with our inner hippyness and locate a riff playing vagabond that answers to the name Welde. And find a T-Town to join me for a little icy water action, a Santa Cruz local who assures me he can bop any Great White in the nose. And maybe even run into debriguy. Pepperdine WP had quite a cast of characters who have since relocated to Golden Gate area.

Staying near Fishermans Wharf with our cousins Katie and Edwin who are getting married! Say what? Our cousins are marrying each other? Yes, that is the way we roll around here: Keeping it in the family. Okay, okay, my cousin is marrying Britts cousin so it’s perfectly legal people. It is actually a huge bonus that we are related to both parties in the relationship- If not, the outlaw may have been able to deny our request (placed only last night) to come up fromThurs to Sun. I mean they don’t really have much to do (law school and work for a doctor) and surely they won’t notice us (2 adults + a 2 year old + a 2 month old.) Oh and don’t forget our sweet 9lb furball. Gotta love family! Actually they offered to babysit AND cook dinner for us+ friends another night. Yup, definitely love family! Awesome. Definitely bring my little brother out from Stanford and into the city too.

Boats, parks, trollys, museums, music all on the agenda.

Currently snacking on organic blueberries, grapes, apples, oranges, avocados, Trader Joes Super Omega Trek Mix, green tea and the ultimate: Chocolate covered goji berries. Oil change for the car, dog snuggled in crate, kids strapped in. We are locked and loaded.

Have multiple surfboards and wetsuits- including a 7mm with hoddie attached. And a hot water heater that plugs into the car for endless mate.

Already made a pit stop in Ventura where I did a little cross training at C Street.

Surfing while Britt nurses, blogging while driving to San Fran- I am on the ball here. out.

*written last night, safely in SF now*

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