There are 100 days until the Opening Ceremonies of the London Games. These are the last 100 days of a cycle that started almost 4 years ago when the Beijing Games ended.  3 years and 265 days. If you caught the closing ceremony, you saw the conclusion of the spectacular venue Beijing provided. As that cycle ended, the new one began and the finale of the closing ceremony was a quick preview for next games. 

That night, watching the Closing Ceremony with the Silver Medal hanging around my neck, seeing the big red London bus and listening to the familiar rifts of Jimmy Page, I knew I was not finished. So proud to have Silver, yet for most of us, we we knew that night that we would stick around for one more cycle, to go for the next step, and go for the Gold. 

From Beijing to London. 

100% for the last 100 Days. 

If you are wondering why my blog has been on a break, it is due to major technical difficulties. Our iPhones are down (and have been for a while,) and then when the iPad took a fall, our final line of communication came crashing down too. Our laptops are too old to handle a new version of iTunes to back up the iPad so we can trade it in for a new one. As you can see, Apple has me locked in. I enjoy writing very much, but full time training + full time family leaves very little room for extras in our life equation. Without the ease provided by  “i”technology, it is very hard to make blogging happen. I think I may go sell our Apple stock so I can get something that starts with an “i”  Until then, I’m out! Okay enough already.

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